What if you could 'see’ how well a venue is ventilated?

Be warned by your phone to wear a face mask or even avoid to gon into poorly ventilated areas
Smart Airports
Smart Building
Smart Cities

Real-time monitoring of ventilation and informing you on-the-go.

Any room could report its current CO2 levels and this information can be made available to you, through an app on your mobile device or on dashboards. In times like these, it is no luxury to know whether you are about to walk into a place that warrants wearing face masks or even would be wiser not to walk into at all. 

What if your phone advised you to wear a mask, or urged you not to continue on your path?

What if it would simply show up as an overlay over your real time camera feed, as in augmented reality?

Anyway, be advised, be warned, be wise.

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