Software Engineer - Embedded Systems

Do you think hardware is awesome? Do you value small memory footprints? We don't need a garbage collector person? Join us!

Software Engineer - Embedded Systems

Kortrijk, De Kien

Who we are?

We’re hiring a Software Engineer - Embedded Systems.

At no-wire, we’re keen on working with passionate people. Since innovation is part of our DNA, you’ll get the opportunity to continuously improve and evolve your skills as a developer. And since we’re all about long-term co-creation with our clients, you’ll help develop new concepts and ideas from scratch to complete end products and maintenance.

As an embedded developer at no-wire, you’ll get the opportunity to learn new skills and share your knowledge with our colleagues. You’ll get to deliver a carefully crafted and tested application. As we work in a constructive environment, you’ll get the chance to review code from your colleagues to provide them with helpful feedback so we can all learn from each other.

What you got vs. what we need

  • You have good knowledge of the C program language and interest in Rust.
  • You know your way around the Linux kernel, userspace and / or real time operating systems (RTOS).
  • You like well designed code, supported by continuous builds, unit testing, constructive code-review process and a supportive culture of identifying and fixing bugs.
  • You like working in a team.
  • You like to read datasheets for sensors, microcontrollers and implement drivers for them.
  • You value end-to-end and in-depth security.
  • You have some experience with or have interest in cloud concepts e.g. Kubernetes.
  • Having previous experience in working in an Agile environment is a plus.
  • Your ambition and drive are more important to us than your degree.

At no-wire, we’ll compensate you for your skills, enthusiasm and your contributions to our team!

  • A competitive salary and extralegal benefits.
  • A chance to make an impact by working on challenging innovative products & services: with our developers by your side, you’ll both be challenged and supported by our experts!
  • A team of passionate people and an inspiring talent community: you’re becoming part of not just any team, but a strong team of ambitious professionals aiming for innovation and continuous improvement. We’re happy to share our knowledge with you and are delighted that you can share yours.
  • Our families and lives outside of our jobs are very important to us: our schedules are flexible to reflect and support that.
  • A complete electronics R&D lab: you’re becoming a part of a group that loves tinkering. With our focus on IoT, we have all the tools available.
  • An optimal working atmosphere in a trendy office loft at the center of Kortrijk, away from traffic: you’ll come for the view, but stay for the awesome colleagues surrounding you at this amazing Kortrijk-based office. And don’t forget the free ‘sandwiches at the office’ at lunchtime.

If you don’t meet 100% of these qualifications you should still seriously consider applying.

Sounds interesting? Join us and become part of our awesome no-wire team here at Kortrijk!

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